keybits.net is the personal blog and website of Tom Atkins. I use 'keybits' as a username on various sites on the Internet. Here you'll find posts about computer and Internet technologies with a sprinkling of sustainability, remote working, and life thoughts. Occasional photos might appear too.

I'm an advocate of the Open Web and open source software.

Promoting the idea of a universal basic income is how I entertain people in conversation :-)

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I like to use my IT skills to help people get useful things done with computers. Currently I work remotely for GitLab as a Support Engineering Manager. Previously I was head of the Support team at CircleCI.

Remote working and living amongst nature permalink

Living in beautiful West Cork, Ireland provides opportunities for outdoor activities that contrast with time spent working on computers. I've worked remotely for over a decade and feel incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy living in a rural area and earn a living for my family.

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